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ECKO, a coin for the community, decentralized and anonymous yet transparent and fast.


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ECKO Specification

Coin Name ECKO Coin

Ticker ECKO

Algorithm X13

Total Coins – 500 Million

Coin Premined  400 Million

Coin Type POS

POS Block time 60 Seconds

Coin Age 24 Hours

POS Rate 10% Per Annum


Collateral –     100000 ECKO

Confirmations –     15

Reward –    Variable

Coin Distribution

Out of the total supply of 500 Million ECKO Coins, 400 Million will be premined and distributed through pre-ICO, ICO and bounties and also coins reserved for development purposes. The pre-ICO is the opportunity to become a co-owner of the coin and is limited to a maximum of 150 shares. This has already been sold out. Bounties will be distributed based on the promotional campaigns. The number of coins allotted can be seen in the table on the left. Unsold coins in an ICO round are partly distributed at the end of ICO.


ECKO is being developed as a community based coin. Common people will have the opportunity to earn through products launched in the ECKO platform. VisionCPE20Community Paradise 2020 providing virtual experience earning real time. 3 Products with high levels of security with ECKO as the payment mode. Scam free experience, responsive support and amazing earning opportunities packaged in each of the products. The fees from the products will be distributed to the co-owners and round 1 participants in the ICO, proportionately and also will be used for future developments and updates.

ICO Rounds

1.Each round has its own pricing structure and a fixed amount of coins

2.Each round is given a specific number of days to complete

3.Each new round is followed by a successful previous round

4.If the coins in a round are sold out within the scheduled days, the next round will start immediately

5.25% of the unsold coins in a round will be destroyed after the completion of ICO

6.Out of the remaining 75% of the unsold coins, 50% will be added to the bounties, 10% will be added to the dev fund, 10% will be distributed to co-owners, and 5% will be distributed to participants in the round 1 of ICO

7.Minimum purchase should be at least USD 10

8.A single entity cannot buy more than 5% of the total coins available in the ICO

9. A referral bonus of 10% for referral purchases



We at Real World Community (RWC) have approached this project in a very unique way, by establishing a Community of Co-Owners. The majority of ICO’s today, have one CEO or Founder & a team that works with them to create their platform. We have taken that concept & are adding a new twist to it. A Community that is working together to equally share in all the responsibilities & benefits of being a Co-Owner! Combined, we have hundreds of years of online Marketing & Entrepreneurial experience, including credentials in IT, Marketing, Accounting, Programming, Web Design/Development, Customer service & Coin Development.


Our commitment to all ECKO Coin members: To always be completely upfront, honest & transparent in all that we do! We have come together to make a difference & by introducing this Community owned concept, our hope is that others might see, they (regular everyday people) do have the potential to come together and create something worthwhile to share with the world! Our goal is to provide an opportunity, for people around the world to grow with us & earn along the way, as we introduce our exciting new products! We invite you to join with us in our ECKO Coin journey!


1) Who is the CEO of ECKO coin?

Answer: There is no single CEO. We decided to approach this in a very unique way by establishing a team of Honest networkers from around the world. Our name: REAL WORLD COMMUNITY (RWC). We have been connected for more than a year. Members of the team have several years of combined experience and are experts in design, development, marketing, cryptocurrency etc. We have come together to make a difference. Provide an opportunity, for people around the world, to earn from our ECKO platform & coin. The roadmap gives an idea of what to expect from us.

2) How can one become a co-owner of the ECKO coin project & what are the benefits?

Answer: 150 shares were available to purchase before the ICO began. Each share receives 100,000 (one hundred thousand) ECKO coins. One was able to purchase more than 1 share, but limited to no more than 5 shares. Each share costs 0.005 BTC and were available on a first come, first serve basis. Other benefits for co-owners, include, but are not limited to, a percentage distribution of fees from the Marketplace portal, the Peer to Peer Exchange and 3D Virtual Gaming App.

3)What makes you think this project will succeed?

Answer: ECKO coin is focused on the long term, with plans for the next 2 years already in place. Our major products will be game changers in the crypto space, when compared to similar products currently available. We are focused on making the ECKO coin truly community oriented. By the people, for the people!

4) What are the ECKO coin products as stated in the roadmap?

Answer: 3 Main products (Marketplace, Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange and 3D Gaming App).

All the 3 products will be opportunities to earn online for the community.

5) Will ECKO coin have it’s own wallet with a private & public key?

Answer: Yes, there will be private and public keys. In the desktop wallet, you do not have to worry about the private key. It’s embedded in the wallet.dat file. When you have the wallet.dat file, you are in possession of that particular wallet.

6) What system is in place for the ECKO coin distribution?

Answer: The ECKO coin distribution will begin after the completion of the 6 rounds of ICO.

7) What will happen to unsold coins?

Answer: 25% of unsold coins will be burned, 50% will be moved to bounties fund, 10% move to development funds, 10% distributed to co-owners and 5% distributed to round 1 buyers in ICO.

8) Is there a referral system in place?

Answer: There will be no referral system. We do, however, have a Bounty program in place & rewards will be distributed based upon promotional campaigns, with a total cap of 5,000,000 ECKO coins.

9) Will ECKO coin be listed on external exchanges?

Answer: Yes, ECKO coin will be listed on multiple exchanges. Plans are already in motion for the first listing to be as soon as possible, after the completion of our ICO, (date TBA).