By Real World Communityy

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There is no single CEO. We decided to approach this in a very unique way by establishing a team of Honest networkers from around the world. Our name: REAL WORLD COMMUNITY (RWC). We have been connected for more than a year. Members of the team have several years of combined experience and are experts in design, development, marketing, cryptocurrency etc. We have come together to make a difference. Provide an opportunity, for people around the world, to earn from our ECKO platform & coin. The roadmap gives an idea of what to expect from us.

ECKO coin is focused on the long term, with plans for the next 2 years already in place. Our major products will be game changers in the crypto space, when compared to similar products currently available. We are focused on making the ECKO coin truly community oriented. By the people, for the people!

Main products (suite of gaming sites, marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange). The Marketplace will be the core product which provides opportunity for the community to earn.

Yes, there will be private and public keys. In the desktop wallet, you do not have to worry about the private key. It's embedded in the wallet.dat file. When you have the wallet.dat file, you are in possession of that particular wallet.

The ECKO coin distribution will begin after the completion of the 6 rounds of ICO.

All unsold coins will be burned.

There will be no referral system. We do, however, have a Bounty program in place & rewards will be distributed based upon promotional campaigns, with a total cap of 5,000,000 ECKO coins.

Yes, ECKO coin will be listed on multiple exchanges. Plans are already in motion for the first listing to be as soon as possible, after the completion of our ICO, (date TBA).